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Learning The Piano In Singapore – 3 Major Benefits

Did you know that learning the piano can bring your child a lot of future benefits? Here are the three biggest benefits that learning the piano can bring your child in future and why I recommend having private home piano lessons for your child in Singapore!

First of all, your child will now be able to always find part time gigs as a part time piano teacher in Singapore. There will always be demand for piano lessons in Singapore, so as long as your child can be a good teacher, he or she will always have gigs to do. Additionally, as the economy is moving towards freelancing/contractor/gig economy in Singapore and elsewhere around the world, having the skills to play the piano is definitely a beneficial one. It is sort of like an insurance for your child, to have a back up career plan, or to have an extra source of income on the side on top of his or her main career by working as a part time piano teacher in Singapore.

Second of all, learning the piano will improve a child’s IQ. Many studies have shown heavy correlation between a child’s IQ and piano lessons. Additionally, this effect is more pronounced the younger the child starts learning the piano. As IQ (not book smarts) is definitely required to be successful in Singapore or any other country, it is recommended for your child to learn the piano so that he or she will be able to improve his or her IQ and overtake his or her peers.

Third of all, in Singapore, most parents are kiasu (it means ‘afraid to lose’ for foreigners reading this article). Therefore, if you want to compare your child to others, piano is definitely one of those key things which show that your child is cultured and knows an additional skill more than other people’s children. Of course, you could get your child to be a soccer player, but that’s not respected in most Chinese families and especially in Singapore. However, being a high IQ, successful person with musical skills and being perceived as cultured will definitely do your children a lot of good as they grow up in future! And you can achieve all that simply by sending your child to piano lessons in Singapore!

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Can Piano Lessons Help Your Child Score Better In Singapore’s PSLE?

Everyone knows that piano is the ultimate music instrument your child should learn. However, did you also know that playing the piano masterfully has been linked to stellar IQ results?

There has been many studies and research done on students who learnt piano and the correlation between playing the piano and IQ levels. An example is a study done at the University of Wisconsin which indicates that piano lessons enhances the IQ of the musician – especially in children. This is because children have higher levels of malleability in their brain, which then can be intensified and improved drastically through playing the piano. Children below the age of 15 learn the best – and therefore in Singapore, if you are considering to let your child learn piano, let him or her learn in pre school or primary school! Here’s a good piano teacher agency based in Singapore you can engage to help you find a piano teacher: https://twitter.com/sglearnpiano

However, how does piano lessons actually help your child improve his or her IQ?

First of all, a child’s IQ is increased because of the hand-eye coordination (with separate motions on each hand) needed when it comes to playing the music instrument. This means that your child will be improving his or her coordination skills both physically and cognitively, enabling increase in your child’s IQ over time as he or she takes more piano lessons in Singapore.

Second of all, reading sheet music, recognizing symbols and translating it into sound with both superb hand-eye coordination allows a child to hit the neural pathways linked to auditory learning, and hereby increasing their cognitive capabilities in that area. With more and more practice on the piano and lessons in Singapore, your child will be able to ‘hear’ notes simply by reading sheet music, and this is the result of the above neural pathways improvements in your child’s brain.

Last but not least, because a human being’s plasticity of the brain is greatest when he or she is young, if you allow your child to take music lessons in Singapore while he or she is still in his or her primary school years, then your child will be able to experience the above 2 benefits at a much larger scale. And when your child’s IQ increases, his or her results in the PSLE will skyrocket.