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How Much Do Private Piano Lessons Fees Cost In Singapore?

Whether you want to take private piano lessons or are intending to send your child for private music lessons in Singapore, you need to know the rough prices of such lessons. For the purpose of this article, we will only discuss the pricing of private piano teacher lessons.

First of all, the piano lesson fees are heavily dependent on which ABRSM grade you are learning, if you are learning for the purpose of passing your ABRSM graded examinations which many students in Singapore are. If you are learning for the purpose of passing ABRSM graded examinations, then you will generally need 4 lessons or more per month, and each month will cost you between $130 to $350, depending on which grade you are learning. The lower the grade level being taught to you, the cheaper it is and the cost per month is closer to $130. However, the higher the grade level you learn, the more expensive the lessons will be, and will be closer to $350. (If you are a teacher reading this post instead and want to find students who want to learn piano lessons in Singapore instead, then apply for a private piano teacher job here.)

Second of all, if you are learning only for the purpose of wanting to learn how to play pop songs on the piano, then the rates for the private teacher will be different than that of learning for the purpose of passing the ABRSM graded examinations. If you are learning to play pop songs, then usually the rate runs between $180 to $220 per month.

As you can see, it really depends on what you are wanting to learn, and what purpose you are learning it. It affects the lesson fees quite a fair bit.

Finally, learning the piano is a great way for you or your child to improve IQ as well. Therefore, it is definitely more of an investment into improving IQ on top of learning a really interesting life skill. And being able to play the piano definitely makes you sound more cultured than knowing how to for example play drums or cymbals! If you think about it this way, then it sounds really cheap.