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How To Master Piano Scales With Just 10 Minutes Daily

Here are some tips to help you out so that you can successfully master playing piano scales easily and quickly. A lot of teachers may ask you to practise for like 1 hour a day or even longer. However, that is definitely not necessary when it comes to mastering piano scales.

The first method revealed in my video tutorial below is the thumb tucking under method. Although not all piano teachers may teach this, it is definitely one of the best ways to truly master piano scales.

Another tip to master scales is to practise playing the scales really slow and really get everything perfect for 4 times. Then you want to bump up the playing speed slightly and play 4 times. Then you want to play the scale as quickly as you can for 4 times, and even if the playing is a little sloppy, you want to still complete that 4 times. Your goal is to push as hard/fast as you possibly can so that you know your limit for now. After you have played through as fast as you possibly can, you want to go really slow and make sure the technique is fundamentally perfect. Do this for a final 4 times for that particular scale.

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