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Why Piano Is The Top Music Instrument Your Child Should Learn

If your child has to learn one instrument because he/she wants to, and/or you want to expose him/her to music, then have your child learn the piano first. Here is the reason why you should let your child learn the piano first.

First and foremost, playing the piano well requires a simultaneous working of both the right hand, the left hand and the right feet on the pedal. The coordination of these different actions all at the same time while reading a piano score is not something that is easily achieved. In fact, there are many studies showing that this is one of the reasons why learning the piano increases a child’s IQ! In competitive Singapore, many kiasu parents send their children to tuition classes. However, a great secret of highly performing students is that the parents send their child to PIANO classes instead of academic tuition classes! Taking more math classes won’t make your child smarter, except perhaps score better in maths. However, taking piano classes can improve your child’s IQ, which then helps them with every aspect in future in life.

Second of all, piano is one of the best sounding instruments your child can learn. Although some kids like to play the drum, can you imagine what a nuisance that will be? If your child absolutely loves the drum, then listen to him/her and invest in him/her’s passion. However, if your child is neutral to the music instrument, getting your child piano lessons is the best thing you can possibly do. A girl who can play piano is seen as cultured, while a boy who can play the piano can be seen as sophisticated. Both of which are great.

Third of all, it is not easy to find good music teachers. This is particularly so for other music instruments, since the pool of e.g. guitar teachers are significantly smaller than that of private piano teachers in Singapore. This means that the chances of you finding a great teacher for your child is lower if your child is going to learn some other instrument other than the piano.