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Private Piano Teacher Vs Music School – In Depth Comparison

When it comes to picking a piano teacher for your child, there are many factors you should take into consideration. The following are some factors that you must consider when picking a piano teacher for your child in Singapore.

First of all, does your child want to take piano lessons for the purpose of passing his or her ABRSM piano examinations or does your child actually just want to master playing the piano for the purpose of playing pop songs and having a new musical hobby? This is an important consideration, as most music schools only specialize in teaching ABRSM exam related curriculum. Therefore, if you want your child to learn piano for hobby sake, then look for a private piano teacher instead. However, both private piano teachers and music schools teach ABRSM related curriculum due to its high popularity. If your child indeed intends to learn piano lessons in Singapore for the purpose of acing his or her ABRSM music exam, then read on and consider the next few factors.

Second of all, you should take into consideration any required transportation by your child. If you send your child to a music school, chances are, it is at least a few kilometres away from your home. This is not an issue if your child is in his late primary school years or already in his or her secondary school years. However, most children start learning in their elementary school years when it comes to local Singaporean students. Therefore, with your child just being 4 to 6 years old when he or she starts taking lessons, chances are, you or your spouse will need to pick him or her up to and fro from the music school. You will take this into consideration, and consider whether it is actually suitable to send him or her to the music school, as learning the piano takes years, and not just one or two months. If you are engaging a private piano teacher, then you will also need to consider if you are sending your child to the teacher’s home, or having the teacher come to your place of residence. If you are sending your child to the teacher’s private home, then the above consideration applies. If you are getting private piano lessons for your child in the comfort of your home, then transportation is a non-factor.

Third of all, private piano lessons are almost always cheaper than music schools. Don’t let music schools fool you badly. The reason private piano teachers charge far cheaper is simply because they do not need a sharp mark up on their prices to cover for office rental space and admin staff salaries. Therefore, they are able to charge you only their true prices they want to charge. Additionally, the prices that private teachers charge also usually include transportation to your house. Therefore, this makes private teachers a very attractive and cheap choice for parents in Singapore.

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